A cedar shake roof can be a beautiful addition to your house that will set it apart from the others. Apex Roofing And Sheet Metal has installed many cedar roofs in the Bucks County Area, and they are ready to put their experienced craftsmanship to work on your home.

Like slate and metal, cedar roofs are historical roofs that capture early American beauty! In the 1800s cedar roofing was prominent in America, especially on government buildings. Depending on location, the wood used wasn’t always cedar, it was whatever was available in the region. In historical towns or cities, cedar roofs are still relatively prominent, especially on older farmhouse style houses. Now all wood roofs are cedar and still come with as much heavy prestige and beauty as they did in the early days of America.

The drawback to cedar is that it can be expensive and does not last as long, in comparison, to slate or metal. For this reason, I would not categorize cedar roofing as a popular roof, but we still install quite a few cedar roofs on a yearly basis. Outside of cedar’s tremendous beauty, it does boast a very robust water tightness due to cedar’s nature to swell when it rains. Also, they do last much longer than traditional single roofs. A cedar shake roof can last 30 years, and up to 50 if taken care of properly!

Cedar Shake Types

There are many different types of cedar and different ways to install them. Each different type of cedar has a different look, width, and length. Each variant of cedar shakes or shingles will vary in price and longevity.

There are two main types of cedar wood that are used to craft roofing systems. They are white cedar, and red cedar. Because of its very high quality, red cedar is priced higher than white. Red cedar is known for its longevity and strength. It is resistant to damage from insects and rot, it is great at withstanding, different climates and temperatures, and contains a natural preservative, tannic acid.

If you are considering cost, white cedar is probably the better alternative. It is less costly, and as it ages, turns to an attractive silvery grayish color. Some kinds of white cedar, like Northern, Eastern, and Atlantic white cedars, do not easily splinter, do not easily decay and provide excellent stability.

Cedar Shake Cuts, Colors And Grades

Cuts and Sizes

Cedar shakes also come in two specific cuts: tapersawn and hand split. Hand split cedar shake has a textured, rough appearance, and it is great when you want to achieve a rustic look. If you would like a more tailored and distinguished look, a tapersawn cedar shake roof would be a better choice. It is sawn on both sides, like cedar shingles, but you still retain some of the rugged look.

Cedar shakes come in a variety of thickness, lengths and widths to achieve any desired look. They are available in three to eight inch widths and 18 and 24 inch lengths. The overlap distance between one shake and another will be determined by the size you choose.


No matter the type of cedar you choose, your roof will retain a natural, attractive look, even with age. You can enhance the color of your cedar shakes by choosing from an array of stains that will provide a different color effect, while also permitting the natural grain and texture of the wood to be visible. This provides homeowners with more choices when trying to match the color of their roof to their siding.


There are three grades of cedar shake shingles: common grade, select cedar, and 100% straight grain. Common grade shingles are the least expensive and have the most knots and other blemishes. They are pretty much made of the leftover cuts of the tree. Select cedar shingles cost more but have fewer blemishes. They are a mix of the other two, usually around 80% straight grain. 100% straight grain shingles are the most expensive but have no knots or other blemishes. They are hand-picked, and because of the straight grain, lay flat and will not curl easily like common grade.

Other Benefits To Choosing Cedar

Cedar is an excellent insulator, keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. A cedar roof will also vent itself naturally, protecting your home from moisture damage. Cedar breather mats and semi-permeable underlayments further protect your home by allowing it to “breathe.” These features make cedar an ideal choice for roofing material.

Because they are meticulously crafted, cedarwood shakes give homeowners customizable roofing options for a unique roof that will stand out from the rest. If you are interested in having a cedar roof installed on your home, don’t hesitate to contact Apex Roofing And Sheet Metal.

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