Apex Roofing and Sheet Metal was formed in January 2010 during the recovery process from the Great Financial Collapse. At the time, construction projects across the board were very slow and mostly small in size. Companies that relied on lots of volumes of work went under, as did companies with large sales teams, marketing teams, and top-heavy management. The original founder Joe Dubyk, the son of a roofer wanted to create a small company that relied on quality projects the, lower volume, and more focus on the artisan side of roofing. The business model was to stay small and focus on quality work and quality projects. We felt strongly if we focused on being experts in metal, cedar, and slate as well as capable asphalt installers, we’d offer a niche skill set other companies could not provide.

Thankfully, the stay small and focus on craftsmanship business plan paid off early on. Within a few years, Apex Roofing and Sheet Metal began to grow. By 2013 Apex Roofing and Sheet Metal did not need to proactively advertise anymore and the economy started to continue to pick up from the 2008 housing crisis. Moreover, the focus on metal roofing, cedar, and slate was a good gamble because the demand for those roofs increased — especially metal. As the demand for our services grew we still kept the business operation small. Small meant we were able to have great communication and personal relationships with our customers. Small meant we were able to form relationships with local builders, general contractors and other roofers to be trusted subcontractors for their continuous roofing projects.

Apex Roofing and Sheet Metal continued to grow in future years and there came a point in time when we needed more help in order to satisfy demand. As luck would have it, the other current owner Dan Cantarella had left his former employer of 10 years to start his own journey. He has been a roofing mechanic since his late teens and was looking to be a part of something bigger. After a quick experimental phase, Dan and Joe quickly became 50/50 partners to make Apex Roofing and Sheet Metal much more efficient.
What ensued afterward was a large increase in customers and more completed work with the same attention to detail. Dan and Joe quickly began discussing plans for the future and made sure their goals were aligned.

Apex Roofing and Sheet Metal to this day are still small operations, with no sales force, marketing team, or top-end management except the owners themselves. We still feel our business model of being small and focusing on quality and niche roofing markets separates us from the other roofing companies and will for the foreseeable future. We are constantly looking to invest in equipment and tools, and attend seminars and expos about new guidelines from our vendors to help serve our customers better. We even invest in technology such as drones, google imaging software, and even phone apps to assist with our measurements, damage assessments, pricing, and material lists. We never stop learning and we hope to never stop serving.